Made in the U.S.A., our top quality PERMA-MARK stainless steel lot markers are the finest quality, ground level lot markers available.

We have been providing our products for use as grave markers, cemetery markers, any kind of lot marker, plot marker or survey marker, as well as new home construction and building site markers and locators since 1987.

We manufacture our lot markers in Cleveland, Ohio and the 10” cast iron pins are made in an Ohio foundry. You can purchase a number/letter machine fixture or we can stamp them for you to your personal specification.

Our numbering machine is designed for ease of use. The number 35 machine can be set to number divider lines, one, two or three numbers or letters between dividers. The number 45 machine can be set to number divider lines, one, two, three, or four numbers between dividers.

Thank you for your patronage. We trust you will be satisfied with our product. Call us and you will find our price is reasonable.

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Small Lot Marker complete with Pin